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Our mission is to make you happy and full ("bau bao") with our treats!

At Bau Bao Treats, quality is important to us. We bake with the best ingredients available and everything is made from scratch with the utmost care. You'll be able to tell with every bite! 

Try one today!

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About Us
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Bau Bao Treats was born out of a passion to share my love for different foods and encapsulate these amazing flavors inside a baked bao, which has always been my comfort food. As a kid, I have fond memories of grocery shopping with my grandmother and getting a coconut or custard bao as a treat from her. While studying abroad in Hong Kong, I would often buy baos at a local bakery for lunch. Baos are such an amazingly easy, to-go food. What if they were filled with other tasty ingredients besides the traditional flavors? ... and so began Bau Bao Treats! 

Why "bau bao"? In Cantonese, this phrase means to be full from eating. My family often used this saying when we ate way too much because we couldn't help ourselves since the food was so good. We hope you feel the same way about our treats!

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Chicago, IL USA

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